R & D Brewing Service

R & D Brewing service

Turn Your Brief Into A Reality

Formulate – Brew – Send

R & D Brewing Service

Looking to develop recipes?

Needing to reformulate a malt bill or hop grist?

Looking to maximize hop aromatics from dry additions?

Trialing a new yeast?

Or just require pilot samples of a new product prior to commercial scaleup?


You’ve come to the right place!

“End-to-End Brewing”


Tell us what you want – we have the solution.  Provide us with the brief and we will supply the production documentation, relevant comments/observations from the process along with the finished product.


Welcome to the R&D brewing service from Craft Brewing Solutions. We have a scale model (50 L nano) brewhouse complete with cylindroconical unitanks. We can brew, ferment, dry hop, condition and carbonate beer to meet your spec/target, thereby eliminating the guesswork and cost of large scale trials.

All finished product is racked into 20 L kegs for freshness and simplicity. Shipped to your location for appraisal.

In our 26 years of brewing we have brewed:

  • IPAs
  • Pale Ales
  • Lagers (and Dark Lagers)
  • Helles
  • Bitters
  • Pilsners
  • Golden ales
  • Blonde ales
  • Brown ales
  • Red ales
  • Wheat beers
  • Session ales
  • Cloudy
  • Smoke beers
  • Porters
  • Australian style
  • New Zealand style
  • English style
  • Belgian style
  • German style (Bock, Marzen, Festbier)
  • American style
  • Sour beers
  • Lambic beers
  • Special brews ( Barley Wine, Imperial Stouts )

Call or email us on consultant@craftbrewingsolutions.com.au, or use the form below:

    R and D Brewing Service