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Welcome to the Commercial Brewery Equipment section of Craft Brewing Solutions. We supply a vast array of new commercial brewery equipment to craft breweries, commercial breweries, start-up breweries, expanding breweries, relocating breweries in Australia and worldwide.

If you’re looking for a particular piece of commercial equipment to start, upgrade, or expand then contact us, or peruse what we have below and contact us for further details. This website is regularly updated with new equipment.

If the equipment you are looking for is not listed below it’s very likely that we haven’t yet put it on because our 26 years experience in the brewing industry means we have a comprehensive network where can acquire any commercial brewing equipment necessary.


Commercial Brewery Equipment more information:

Here at Craft Brewing Solutions we have over 26 years experience in the brewing industry. We know every piece of brewery equipment, how they are installed, the results they produce and to how solve any problems. We have worked from start-up breweries all the way through to commercial breweries installing new brewery equipment . Our brewery equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and we have the experience and know-how to provide full support.

We also provide a brewing consultancy service where we can help you resolve problems, advise of scale-up, work with you on-site, help devise recipes, quality control, and promotional activities.

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