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About Us

Craft brewing solutions is based in the Asia Pacific region, and serves the brewing industry worldwide. A reputation built on 25+ years in the industry means our network contacts and individual talents have brought brewing concepts to reality, be it start-up ventures emanating from home brew garages, to dynamic commercial breweries & entities, craft beer bars, brewhouses, R&D facilities.

From creation and brewing of industry recognised beer (award winning); development of effective QC/QA laboratories in contract facilities; implementation of extensive water treatments for poor quality water sources in burgeoning craft breweries; GMP/SOP procedures to start-up ventures; generation of CiP documentation with supply partners; onsite HACCP and safety appraisals; advice on commercialisation and R&D aspects; optimisation and efficiency strategies from raw materials to end product; beer logistics for contract packing operations.

We also supply and installĀ commercial brewery equipment and sourcing second-hand / used brewery equipment. Take a look around the website and contact us if you need any further information -> Contact Us

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