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Our brewing consultancy extends to Tasmania, New Zealand, SouthEast Asia & Worldwide

With the craft brewing sector really taking off in Australia we are delighted to be able to offer our consulting services for any brewing problems, optimisations, scale-up, brewery design, brewing equipment and much more.

Why choose us? We’ve got 26 years experience all the way from the ground level through to commercial brewing through to launching new craft breweries. We are passionate about beer, from making it all the way to drinking it.

We want you to succeed and we can help you devise solutions to every brewing requirement. In our 26 years there’s pretty much nothing we haven’t seen and found a solution for. It’s what we do!

We have supplied and helped to launch breweries pretty much all around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Cairns, Perth, and many more smaller towns. The Australian craft brewing sector is growing and evolving and we are very excited to be a part of it. Let’s make great beer!


looking for help to startup, upscale, or resolve a problem in the brewery?

With over 26 years experience at all stages of brewing we can help with every problem

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