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Upgrading your brewery and want to sell equipment?

Looking to save $$$ in proof of concept?

Have you got brewery equipment in storage but never used it?

Closing a brewery and would like to sell?

Looking for alternatives to Chinese offerings?

Want to sell some second-hand brewery or distillery equipment?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a broker service to help sell your equipment quickly and efficiently within our closed contact network (we’ve been brewing for over 26 years) and via our highly promoted websites and profiles.

Selling a wide variety of equipment, from full size breweries down to kegs and keg washers, fermentation vessels, brewhouses, keg fillers, filtration equipment, steam boilers, and much more. See our second-hand /used equipment listings marketplace.

We make sales in Australia, Tasmania, SouthEast Asia, and all around the globe.

Craft Brewing Solutions is your solution to selling brewery and distillery equipment.


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