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Premium Quality, Innovative Process Solutions – Without The Lofty Price Tags & Lead Times of Other European Manufacturers

Coming to Adelaide & New South Wales

Craft Brewing Solutions proudly welcoming SIMATEC brewhouses to AUSTRALIA

Italian made from premium European stainless steel, & genuine CE certification

Patented Simatec modular brewhouses have been designed and engineered to minimise hot side oxidation, allowing the brewer to produce wort of optimal quality for downstream processing. Think brighter final product colour, cleaner aromatics and enhanced shelf life!

How? Via Novel process technology, elimination of centrifugal pumping & Minimal wort transfers.

Modularity: Brewhouses feature, a multi-functional tank (mash vessel, kettle, whirl pool all-in-one) plus a dedicated lauter tun. Need to increase wort production capacity? Simply add a further multi functional tank to the brewhouse platform. No changes to existing pipe work & electrical wiring, No downtime. No used equipment to sell.


Modular Brewhouse addition of 3rd tankModular Brewhouse addition of 4th tankModular Brewhouse addition of 5th tank
2 brews in 8 hours3 brews in 10 hours4 brews in 12 hours
4 brews in 16 hours5 brews in 16 hours6 brews in 16 hours
6 brews in 24 hours9 brews in 24 hours12 brews in 24 hours$


Modular Brewhouse features


Purging of Process Pipe Work (Gas)

Before using the brewhouse, pipework and vessels can be flushed with “beer friendly gas” (nitrogen) to reduce oxygen pickup.

Purging of processed pipework

Process Liquor In-Line Dearation

Process water (mash and sparging), although hot, carries with it a certain amount of dissolved oxygen which can quickly oxidize the substances when it comes into contact owing to the high temperature. The deaeration option eliminates up to 95% of the oxygen dissolved in the processed water. A novel device sparges fine nitrogen bubbles into the liquid removing oxygen in the process.

Process liquor in-line dearation

Only 3 “soft” transfers during wort production, using volumetric screw pumps reduces oxygen pick up

  1. Mash to lauter
  2. Lauter to kettle
  3. Transfer to fermenter

Other brewhouses typically have 4 to 5 movements of wort.


volumetric screw pumpscentrifugal pumps
green tickThe exclusive use of volumetric screw pumps capable of moving the product with the desired flow at low rpm (maximum 300 rpm) and without creating turbulence in the suction and delivery, does not induce hot oxidation effects and prevents comminution of xCentrifugal pumps have high speeds (1400 rpm) and create strong turbulence in suction and delivery.
The result is a strong hot oxidation of the wort and enhances comminution of particles.

Wort in lauter recirculated from the bottom of vessel to minimise O2 pick up

The screw pump recirculates the wort and minimises excessive particulates under the plates.

The wort recirculates from the bottom through special mushroom- shaped pipes. The latter makes it possible to reduce splash effects and turbulences, mininizing contact with oxygen.

Wort recirculation

Sparge to lauter is also from the bottom

The flow of the sparging water is equal to the flow of the filtrate (flash sparging) to maintain a limited level of water on the grains so as not to crush them excessively due to the weight of the water. It’s introduced from the bottom through the mushroom shaped pipes, as above, to reduce O2 pickup.

Flash Sparging

The temperature of the lauter bed is monitored and is used to adjust the sparge temperature accordingly.

Spent Grains Temperature Monitoring

Patented paddle for whirlpooling instead of centrifugal action in tank ( pumping)

The paddle whirlpool (Simatec patent) is performed in the multifunctional tank after boiling without transferring the wort. This is one of the measures that significantly reduces hot wort oxidation. Boiling de-oxygenates the wort/vessel and the action of the paddle means there is no oxygen pick up from further transfer to the whirlpool.

Paddle WhirlpoolThe action of the paddle whirlpool is gentle and does not act in any way on coagulated proteins.

No space for a hot liquor tank?

Instant sparge water heating devices can be integrated into brewhouse features, thereby eliminating the need for a hot liquor tank.

Heavy whirl pool hopping without alpha acid extraction?

Simatec brewhouses feature pre wort cooling in whirlpool – ambient liquor is introduced into the steam jackets to reduce the whirlpool temperature to 80oC. This liquor is recoverable.

Simatec Brewhouses also feature:

  • Premashing devices to charge mash into the multi-functional tank (s) in less than 8 minutes.
  • Modulating valves for liquor blending stations for mash and sparged water.
  • Modulating steam valves and high pressure, low volume steam jackets to enhance steam velocity, thereby increasing the heating rate.
  • Condensing columns with hot water recovery systems.

Pre Mash

The instant malt-water mixing system makes it possible to obtain optimal hydration of the malt and therefore speed up the charge.

In particular, the Simatec pre-mash has an innovative double throw annular spray system with different inclinations that allows charging the mash tun in less than 8 minutes.

Pre Mash

Water Mixing Station

The water mixing unit may consist of the mash water mixing system, the sparging water mixing system, or both, depending on the other system configurations (hot water recovery tank with or without heating, presence or absence of instant sparging water heating). Devices consist of a precision modulating valve for hot and cold water mixing, a temperature probe, and a flow regulator. The water has the temperature at the outlet set in the PLC, and the device can automatically adapt to all working conditions.

Water Mixing Station

Condensing Columns

Equipment options:

From semi-auto, ergonomic brew-pub fit outs through to fully automated large scale brewhouses.

PERSONAL PUBPersonal Pub Brewery by Simatec and Craft Brewing Solutions

  1. Brew capacity (hl) : 0,75 / 1,5 / 3

  2. Production per year (hl) : from 180 to 3.500

  3. Target market : pilot plants / brew pubs / small breweries

  4. Plant type : basic semiautomatic

BREWONEBrewone brewhouse by Simatec and Craft Brewing Solutions

  1. Brew capacity (hl) : 3 / 6 / 12 / 18

  2. Production per year (hl) : from 700 to 35.000

  3. Target market : brew pub / small and medium breweries

  4. Plant type : basic semiautomatic

HIGH PERFORMANCEHigh performance brewery by Simatec and Craft Brewing Solutions

  1. Brew capacity (hl) : 3 / 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36

  2. Production per year (hl) : from 14.000 to 75.000

  3. Target market : pilot plants / brew pubs / small breweries

  4. Plant type : basic semiautomatic

FULL TECHNOLOGYFull technology brewery by Simatec and Craft Brewing Solutions

  1. Brew capacity (hl) : 0,75 / 1,5 / 3

  2. Production per year (hl) : from 3.000 to 100.000
    medium and large breweries

  3. Target market : pilot plants / brew pubs / small breweries

  4. Plant type : automatic with manual valves

TOP MODULARTop Modular Brewery by Simatec and Craft Brewing Solutions

  1. Brew capacity (hl) : 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 / 84 / 96 / 108 / 120

  2. Production per year (hl) : from 3.000 to 350.000

  3. Target market : medium and large breweries

  4. Plant type : full automatic

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