Simatec Cellar Equipment By Craft Brewing Solutions

Simatec Brite Tanks and Fermenters from Craft Brewing Solutions

Craft Brewing Solutions proudly welcoming SIMATEC cellar equipment to AUSTRALIA

Italian made from premium European stainless steel, & genuine CE certification

Fermentation /  BBTs offer faster, more efficient cooling & increased set point adherence due to thin, laser welded jackets over the entire surface of the cylinder/cone/dish.

No racking arms – discharge outlets on vessels are height adjustable and also double as sinter stones.

Hop injectors employ CO2 extraction of desirable hop aromatics, largely leaving the vegetal material untouched.

Traditional Tanks vs Top Tanks

Traditional tanks 2


Traditional tanks have thick jackets which contain high volumes of coolant which is slow to replace once the solenoid opens. This same high volume of coolant continues to cool the fermenting wort once the solenoid closes, resulting in fluctuations around the temperature set point. (High thermal inertia)

Top Tanks 2


TOP-type Fermenters and Maturers have thin jackets made with high-strength LASER welding (6 bar) on the entire surface of the cylindrical and cone planking for even more efficient heat exchange.

Thin jackets contain low volumes of coolant, which can be replaced quickly (via high pressures) once the solenoid opens. Once the set point is reached and solenoid closes, the smaller volume of coolant does not continue to cool the ferment. Thus the fermenting wort remains close to the set point temp (low thermal inertia)


The height-adjustable discharge unit can optionally be equipped with a stainless steel porous candle for gas micro-nebulization (oxygen, sterile filtered air, CO2) into the wort or beer.

This device is suitable for:

  • Oxygenation of the yeast during the first 6-12 hrs of inoculation
  • Efficient in tank carbonation .




Hop Cannon

Equipment options:

From semi-auto, ergonomic brew-pub fit outs through to fully automated large scale brewhouses.

Cellar Equipment Coming to SYDNEY and ADELAIDE soon…

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